A participatory audio performance for one spectator.

Duration of the performance: 50-70 minutes (largely up to you)

Duration of the preparation: approx. 30 minutes

Visitor assumes a high degree of cooperation – both in the phase of preparation and in the performance itself. Therefore, please, read these lines carefully.

The performance begins with lighting up a tea candle and ends with putting it out. It starts indoors, briefly takes you out and then back inside. It is better to go through the performance during the daylight.

Here you can download 39 mp3 tracks that will accompany you through the performance

The performance requires:

– A device for playing audio that fits into your pocket (preferably a mobile phone) with a media player that can play mp3 format

– Head/earphones

– Tea candle

– Matches/lighter

– A glass of water

– Paper tissues/napkins/anything of that kind

– A mirror somewhere near


Download the tracks into your device. Do not play them yet. It is important to set the media player in such a way, that the next track does not get played automatically. It is necessary that you play every track by hand. Make sure the device has listed the tracks in the correct order by number.

If you are using a phone: if your phone has a screen lock with a code or a security gesture, it is better to cancel it for the duration of the show. The constant unlocking would disrupt the flow of the performance. At the same time, however, it is good to be able to deactivate the screen of your phone, so that it is possible to put the mobile phone in your pocket without accidentally pushing something.

Note: This version of the performance is just an imperfect prototype. In frame of these preparations, please, evolve certain level of tolerance for the technical solution, especially for the manual operating each individual track. Ideally, everything would be done through a phone call between you and a live actor on the other side. Currently, however, only this pre-recorded prototype is available.

Instructions for playing individual tracks:

In general: play another track whenever you feel that the current stage of the performance has been exhausted.

Some tracks include direct instructions when to play the next track. There are a minority of them.

Other cases: Most tracks end with a question or propose some activity to you. Play the next track after you found the answer to the question or performed the action.

One recommendation: try to answer the questions out loud; it will increase your feeling of immersion (that is also why it is good to have privacy for the performance).

There are 39 tracks. The last one has 2 variants – 38a and 38b. When you line the tracks up, 38b should be the last on the list.

If you go through the whole show, you will end up with the track 38a and you won’t hear 38b. That is just fine.

38b is an alternative ending in case you don’t want to continue in the performance at any point. Always you have the possibility to jump to the last track (38b), which will guide you towards the end from any previous stage.

What does ‘I don’t want to continue’ mean? Basically – if you don’t want to do the activity that is proposed to you. Activities develop the relationship and develop the story. If you don’t feel like developing them (which is perfectly fine too), jump to the last track.

Finally: in the middle of the show, there is a package of 13 tracks (you will be told when they start). Within those a lot of different activities are offered. If you do not want to (or cannot) do some of these activities, just skip them and continue with the performance. Avoiding an activity in this part is not a reason to end the performance.

Beginning of the performance:

Make sure you have enough time and peace to experience the show (ideally, find a room where you can be alone).

Put the candle on a table; prepare a glass with water and paper napkins under the table. Prepare matches.

Plug headphones into your device; put them in your ears.

Take a few deep breaths before you light up the candle.

Light the candle up.

Play the first track.

If you feel like shareing any kind of feedback after the show to the author, please, send it to:  Your words will be highly appreciated.